S3 E3: Take It In the Shorts? What Does That Mean?

In this episode, we catch up on The Conners’ Covid Halloween and Darlene’s tough adjustment to her new job at Wellman’s—episodes 2 & 3 of The Conners Season 3. Like a lot of folks, we have more to say about The Vow versus Seduced, the appeal of The Queen’s Gambit, and the divinity of the pristine grocery store in Supermarket Sweep. We talk about the way the family deals with a cancelled trick or treat night in Lanford in “Halloween and The Election vs. The Pandemic,” and the emotional pendulum of the Halloween theme with the family crisis about Mary’s status as a latchkey kid (in 2020!). We also examine Darlene’s characterization as an elitist, and the odd juxtaposition of the mean-girlesque, juvenile social dynamics of the women at Wellman accusing Darlene of snobbery while calling her names and rendering their “high-brow” Marie Antoinette joke. We end on some final thoughts about the contrast between the first season episode, “Let’s Call it Quits” which we discussed in our last episode, and the anti-union-ish rhetoric of the conversation between Darlene and her co-worker Nicole in “Plastics, Trash Talk, and Darlene Antoinette.” Join us!

Special Summer Episode: Mall Madness

714 Delaware St.

Greetings, friends! We hope you’ll enjoy our special summer episode “Mall Madness,” in which we discuss the classic Roseanne season 1 episode “Mall Story.” The Conners, Jackie and Crystal are heading to the mall for a big sale—Dan needs shoes, Becky needs a dress, Crystal needs “taaaahhhhls,” and Jackie needs to admire the pecs on some storefront fitness guru. Laugh along with us at this silly episode’s absurd dialogue, and remember the days when you could not only leave your house and be near other humans, but you could spend hours wandering around one of America’s suburban retail meccas in your coolest jean jacket! Join us as we grab an Orange Julius, try on some synthetic party clothes at DEB, pick up some cassingles at Sam Goody, and check out the dirty novelties in the back of Spencer’s Gifts. Yep, we’re here to talk malls, malls, and nothing but malls, including other mall episodes of such programs as Designing Women, The Nanny, Stranger Things, and Daria, and our own favorite mall memories.

S2, Episode 6: Stew of a Kind

In the sixth episode of our second season, “Stew of a Kind,” we discuss the latest Conners episode, “Tempest in a Stew Pot,” which finds Becky and Jackie plotting to open a new restaurant in the old Lanford Lunchbox — one that, improbably, serves only stew. Darlene, who holds the keys to their dreams in the form of power of attorney, rejects their idea, leading to a rift that sends Becky packing and on her way to Jackie’s house. We look deeper into Jackie and Becky’s close relationship over the years, analyzing a season 3 Roseanne classic, “Becky Doesn’t Live Here Anymore,” in which Becky goes to stay with the single-and-swingin’ Jackie while fighting with her parents over Mark. We explore Darlene’s evolution from a mature child to the Conners matriarch, who in some ways has taken Roseanne’s place — at Jackie’s expense. Come for the analysis and stay for our tangents, from the story of Katherine’s first tattoo (it involves a toilet, an ex-con and a guitar string), Maura’s brush with Elton John, restaurants that are too specific and why no one under 40 listens to Pearl Jam. Join us!

Episode 8: Tangled Up in…David!

In this edition of our podcast, we talk about the second EVER episode of The Conners, in which we meet David’s new girlfriend Blue, played by Juliette Lewis. Harris lost her virginity and the scenario is weirdsville! Mostly, we get a little caught up in our nostalgia for the early days of Darlene and David, and we’re skeptical but open-minded about the new romantic ventures that seem to be in store for the two of them. We remember Glenn Quinn (Mark) and wonder what the future holds for all of the Conner family.

Episode 5: The Conners are Coming!!

We were going to wait until after The Conners premier, but we couldn’t help ourselves! In this short episode, we talk about the rumors and speculations about the new series, sans Roseanne. We talk at length about Roseanne’s infamous racist tweet and her various tenuous apologies. We also discuss the cast’s family dynamic, and our own deep emotions about the Conner family. Lastly, we really hope John Goodman doesn’t fall down any more stairs!

Episode 4: “Lover’s Lane”

On episode 4 of 714 Delaware St., Maura and Katherine discuss the season 1 episode “Lover’s Lane,” in which everybody bowls, Jackie and Booker flirt hard, and Becky crushes on a guy from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (unfortunately, it’s not Rick Moranis). Featuring the usual Roseanne insight plus delightful tangents about bowling in sitcoms, patriarchal bullshit, and the complete and utter awfulness of Pepe Le Pew.

Episode 2: The Pilot


In the second episode of 714 Delaware St., Maura and Katherine discuss the 1988 pilot episode of Roseanne, entitled “Life and Stuff.” The chemistry between Dan and Roseanne, the wonder of Jackie and Crystal, the stability of Becky and Darlene’s characters, and life at Wellman Plastics are all on the table. Strange iterations of class tensions between Darlene’s teacher and Roseanne come up, and WAIT! That’s not DJ!!