S1 E24: We Love to Mull over Martin (a Leon Carp Tribute)

In our latest episode, we pay homage to another of our favorites of the original series. We agree that Roseanne really meets her match when she meets the uptight, all-bark-and-no-bite Leon Carp, played by Martin Mull, when he comes to manage the diner at our beloved Rodbell’s. From Season 3 to Season 9 of the original series, we learn a lot about the world according to Carp. We talk about several of the best Leon episodes and moments, and Martin Mull’s amazing television career, including Mary Hartman, Mary HartmanSabrina the Teenage WitchArrested Development(AHHHHHHHH! GENE!!), as well as a number of classic 1980s commercials in which he appeared— for some surprising products. We find so much to love and be irritated by in the world’s best shitty boss and probably television’s first regular gay republican character. Where does Leon come from? Why is he the way he is? Why is Martin Mull’s mustache so majestic? We spend extra time discussing the Season 8 episode, “December Bride,” in which Leon ties the knot with his boyfriend Scott, played by the great Fred Willard (WHO ELSE?). What a bizarre, important TV moment! We hope you enjoy eavesdropping on our chat! 

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