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S6 E1: Chicken & Rodbell’s

Greetings, long-lost listeners – we’re back for season 6! Though the SAG-AFTRA strike continues and The Conners is indefinitely on hold (and we support the striking actors – give them what they deserve, ya greedy bastards!), we’re starting slow this season with some relevant Roseanne reflections. In the spirit of the summer of labor, we take a look at two deeper cuts from the original series that deal with job woes: “Chicken Hearts” (season 2) and “Like, A New Job” (season 3). The first of the two revolves around Roseanne’s employment at a degrading fast-food chicken joint where she has a total American Psycho of a teenage boss; the second, which takes place in our favorite-ever-fake-restaurant Rodbell’s, depicts Roseanne’s struggle to cede control at home to Dan while working long hours. We discuss the theme that dominates these episodes – the struggle of raising a family while working menial jobs that don’t even treat you like a human being – and we also consider Roseanne’s tendency to vilify middle management types as stand-ins for corporate America or government.

Join us for this discussion plus digressions on What We Did On Our Summer Vacation, Becky’s Fabio hair, Darlene’s “big butt” jokes, wooden console TVs, and smoking on TV. Listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts!

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