S2 E2: Delivery Room Déjà Vu

714 Delaware St.

In our second season 2 episode, we discuss the premiere season 2 episode of The Conners, “Preemies, Weed & Infidelity,” as well as its sister episode (pun intended) of the original Roseanne series, “The Miracle.” We analyze Becky’s pregnancy/labor storyline and its parallels with Darlene’s experience giving birth to Harris, as well as the side plots of Darlene’s love triangle (involving a certain sensitive, curly-haired Trader Joe’s employee!) and Harris’s latest transgression. As usual, we ask the important questions, such as how does Estelle Parsons never age? Could DJ’s hair BE any fuller and more lustrous? Why did they cast the baby from Eraserhead? And WHAT THE F%CK happened to Jackie’s son? (We’re going to keep asking until somebody tells us.) Join us!

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