S1 E20: Taxin’ and Chillaxin’ in the Sweet Sounds of Spring

714 Delaware St.

In this episode, we lament the ghastly unfair process of filing taxes while poor, by way of one of our favorite Roseanne original series episodes, entitled “April Fool’s Day.” We discuss who is most likely to be audited, and how fun it is to live vicariously through TV characters who really give the meanies at the IRS what-for. From Roseanne Conner’s Norma Rae moments, Dick’s tax meltdown on 3rd Rock from the Sun, and the Golden Girls’ unfortunate encounters with auditors and homophobic writers, we work through the hardest day of the economic year with a few giggles and a lot of angst. You’ll notice a third commentator in the background for several minutes—that’s Katherine’s dog, Orlando, celebrating the onset of spring. We beg your pardon for the extra noise, but we love this conversation too much to toss it out!

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