S2 E4: Darlene & David & Ben, Oh My!

714 Delaware St.

In our 4th season 2 episode, we discuss the latest installment of The Conners, “Lanford…Lanford,” in which Darlene’s precarious love triangle with our beloved David Healy (Johnny Galecki) and sexy, hirsute newcomer Ben…something (Jay R. Ferguson) finally falls apart. In this emotional and well-paced episode of The Conners, Darlene and David finally share some real talk about their relationship (and David confirms he can’t change a tire without Siri’s help). This leads us to look back at D & D’s relationship throughout the classic Roseanne series, in particular the season 5 episode “Playing with Matches” in which interference by perky Conners neighbor Molly Tilden prompts the couple’s first breakup. Laugh and (nearly) cry along with us as we cling desperately to Darlene and David’s long-term prospects and look to what the future holds for Darlene. As usual, we take the listener on a string of proper tangents related to Halloween, made-for-TV Movies of the Week, Sister Hazel and other dentist-office music, and more.

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