S4 E7: Holiday Tidings & Heavy Furniture

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We’re dropping one final episode before the holidays! Join us for a discussion of The Conners episode “Yard Sale, Phone Fail, And a College Betrayal” in which Dan finds it hard to part with his and Roseanne’s old bedroom set from Montgomery Ward. We saw fit to pair this with a hidden gem from Roseanne season 1, “Canoga Time,” a fun and cozy episode in which Dan and Roseanne try to part with some of their beloved old kitsch in service of a rummage sale. We consider the connections between these two episodes and the meaning that kitsch objects and furniture seem to hold in both Roseanne and The Conners, and we also have fun diving into these episodes’ b-plots — from Jackie and Booker (George Clooney!) to Darlene and her new beau who, according to Katherine, has the personality of “a styrofoam cup.”

As usual, we can’t help to branch out to other topics, and begin with an in-depth discussion of the Hallmark/Lifetime/Netflix holiday movie-making machine, including takes on new films Love Hard and Single All the Way as well as favorites Snowglobe with Christina Milian (2007), The Christmas Setup with Fran Drescher (2020), and the elusive Shannen Doherty pumpkin fable Growing the Big One (2010). Happy holidays to our listeners!

One thought on “S4 E7: Holiday Tidings & Heavy Furniture”

  1. Well I don’t really watch the conners anymore the nostalgia wore off for me after the rehab ep that I kind of hate with a passion (since I am a Mark fan)and honestly cause of the writing. But one thing I really do hate about the conners especially the clips that a friend showed me of the yard sale college whatever episode.

    Is that they basically have Becky as this whole woe is me, I’m the victim bs. Everyone cared about her everyone loved her liked you two stated. Mark loved her and cared about her education in contrast to how many people view him as the villain now thanks to the show. One of the reasons their was this frustration between them when they come back to lanford in season 6 is that Becky was going to school in Minnesota and dropped out she choose to drop out which made Mark mad at her aside from sadly losing his job. That is one detail and the fact that she was going to school in the later seasons since we would see her with a textbook or notebook, plus the fact that Roseanne points it out to her that Mark was working double time to provide for her while she attended classes the writers from the original seem to have forgotten and instead went with having Becky blame everyone dead and or alive.

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