S1 E14: Health Care is All the Rage!

714 Delaware St.

Hey, it’s our first episode of 2019! In this episode, we talk about the most recent episode of The Conners (natch!), “Rage Against the Machine,” in which Dan is injured by a vending machine that falls on him covering DJ’s shift at work. We have some questions about how it all works: How is it that Dan can take a shift at a company he doesn’t work for? Why does Dan believe he can reason with management? Why does Darlene of all people hire a personal injury lawyer from an ad at the gas pump? How come Peter Gallagher is so great? We also discuss the slut-shaming of Becky by the bosses at La Casita Bonita, who force her to take a sexual harassment training to stop her from flirting all the time. WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT?! Jackie at work as a life coach is a true delight, but we wonder why we haven’t met her rival yet. Maura guesses it will be Valerie Bertinelli; that would be something ELSE!

Finally, we note the strong similarities between this episode and the Season 2 episode of the original series, “Fender Bender,” in which Roseanne suffers pretty severe whiplash after being rear-ended by her former factory boss and hair salon client, the insufferably thoughtless Meg Wellman. Universal health care, we ultimately determine, is one answer to the conundrum these episodes present.

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