S5 E12: Finale Feelings

714 Delaware St.

In our latest episode, we finish out season 5 of The Conners, discussing three Mark-related episodes: “What’s So Funny Bout Peas, Love and Understanding,” “Dating, Drinking and Grifter Logic,” and “The Grad Finale.” As Mark graduates from high school, we consider his role in the family as the one expected to achieve a type of conventional success no Conner has: attend a 4-year college and graduate. We’re dubious about Darlene’s decision to work in the college cafeteria in order to get a break on tuition, but it squares with her desire to give Mark the kinds of advantages she never had. We’re excited for Mark, and we DO hope he majors in the humanities (ahem, BEN)! We ruminate on a few other storylines — Dan and Neville’s conflict over money, Sean Astin as Becky’s new beau, Mark’s overbearing suitor James — before coming to perhaps this group of episodes’ most significant plot point: Mark’s non-relationship with his father, David. We air our confusion and frustration over the direction The Conners has taken David’s character — to full deadbeat dad territory — when we have such residual fondness for David Healy, and we discuss Mark’s rollercoaster of emotions when it comes to his dad and his stepdad.

Join us for these discussions plus digressions on Katherine’s recent experience in the Hamptons, Jaclyn Smith for Kmart, sweatpants, cocktails, and more. Listen and subscribe on Apple podcasts!

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