S3 E5: Becky & Mark 4 Ever

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Well, we hope you’ve all been enjoying safe and happy holidays. We’ve been on a bit of a break ourselves, though we will be back with more commentary on The Conners and more of the old show soon! In this episode, we revisit the elopement of Becky and Mark Healy (RIP Mark and beautiful Glenn Quinn), which is portrayed in the back-to-back Season 5 episodes “Terms of Estrangement,” parts 1 and 2. We find Becky to be egregiously hard on Dan as the bike shop goes under, and we spend quite a lot of time on the ways the financial situation the Conners find themselves in here connects to their current situation on The Conners. We celebrate the writers of the original series for their one-liners, non-sequiturs, and inclusion of the ever-vain Nancy and her newly liposuctioned butt. In all, we remember how young our Becky was, but how much she loved Mark (and he loved her, too!). As per usual, we digress into realms of pop culture only somewhat related to the topic at hand. Thanks again to Brenda for suggesting we take some time to cover these two kids in love.

2 thoughts on “S3 E5: Becky & Mark 4 Ever”

  1. Thanks for making this episode dedicated to OG Becky and Mark. I enjoyed hearing/listening to your thoughts regarding their relationship. And how Mark when we see him in his first few appearances is through Roseanne and Dan’s perspective. And how Mark and Becky’s dynamic was as a couple with out any type of drama plot point is how Becky saw him, his genuine self letting down his walls for her basically.

    1. Thanks Brenda for suggesting we do this and thanks for listening! It was definitely fun to revisit these episodes after how disappointing The Conners has been!

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