S1 E10: Grief, God, and Free Appliances

714 Delaware St.

Happy Thanksgiving! This is our TENTH episode! In this installment, we discuss episode 4 of The Conners, titled “The Separation of Church and Dan.” We express hopefulness about the continued development of Gena and Mary, DJ’s wife and daughter, a little confusion about who is and isn’t grieving, and uncover the peculiar dearth of men’s names in Lanford. We also ask hard-hitting questions like “Where do DJ and Gena live?” and “Why doesn’t DJ do Mary’s hair? He’s her father!” We also connect this episode back to an amazing episode of Roseanne’s 6th season, entitled “I Pray the Lord My Stove to Keep,” in which Darlene discovers that DJ has been going to church in secret, David gets a nose ring he doesn’t want, and Roseanne and Jackie make a profit when the company they purchase a new stove from delivers a second by accident. We wind down by talking about our own brushes with church as youths. Thank you for listening!

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