S2 E3: A Not-So-Bizarre Love Triangle and a Not-So-Ugly Baby

714 Delaware St.

Hey listeners! You may have noticed that we missed last week. We both had weddings to attend! But we haven’t abandoned ship – BY NO MEANS! Here, we catch up on The Conners second and third Season 2 episodes, “A Kiss is Just a Kiss” and “The Preemie Monologues.” We agree that these two episodes feel more natural and organic, and the pace feels right. Both episodes involve Becky’s struggles as a mom, both physical and financial, and deal with class and women’s issues in a way that is true to the original. Likewise, we see Darlene and David stand up for little Mark in a way that does justice to some of Roseanne Conner’s shining parental moments. Darlene’s LOVE TRIANGLE gets more cumbersome as, once again, she attempts to hide the presence of our dear David, and irresistible Ben begins to worry that Darlene needs some professional help. Dan is back to his sweet, not-so aggro self, and this time, we feel good about Katey Segal’s Louise stepping in. As usual, we get off track discussing hairstyles, Medicare for All, global warming, and whether or not Sinbad played a genie in a movie (he did not, you are thinking of the one with Shaq). And Dan Aykroyd is there for some reason! Join us!

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