S1 E16.1- Truckin’ Through The Conners

714 Delaware St.

Gosh! The Conners first season is over, and we have things to say. This is Part One of our discussion of the season finale, “We Continue to Truck,” and our thoughts on the season overall. In this installment, we are 100% wigged out about Peter’s (Matthew Broderick) transformation into the world’s biggest creep and monster boyfriend! Maura says she thought he was acting like a serial killer. We also lament the depiction of Emilio, the undocumented father of Becky’s baby, although we appreciate his willingness to try tuna casserole with potato chips. We consider the ways a shorter season impacts the capacity of TV writers to tell a full and complex story with broad social implications; these issues include the cognitive dissonance of Trump voters (supposing Dan is one?) in the face of the deportation of a real life person in their community, and the process of deportation after an ICE raid. Significantly, we discuss Jackie’s drunken scene at the former Lunch Box and how her emotional breakdown brings the season full circle for viewers who also grieve the loss of Roseanne Conner. In Part 2 (COMING SOON), we talk about David’s return and Darlene’s decision, and assess the show so far, in relation to both the original series of Roseanne and Roseanne Season 10.

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