S1 E15: The Asshole Chronicles

714 Delaware St.

In 714 Delware St.’s 15th episode, we ask the question: Why are so many characters on The Conners are turning into assholes? In episode 10, “Don’t Shoot the Piano Teacher,” Ben (Jay R. Ferguson) tries out his “mean dad” persona; a crusty, conservative Dan pushes Emilio (the father of Becky’s baby) into an uncomfortable position; and Dan and Jackie attempt to coerce Becky into a relationship with Emilio – despite the fact that she’s a 40-year-old woman who can make her own damn decisions. What happened to these characters, we ask? What kind of message is The Conners trying to send about masculinity and women’s agency? AND WTF HAPPENED TO JACKIE’S SON? (We won’t stop asking.)

We also revisit two classic Roseanne episodes from season 6, “Be My Baby” and “Don’t Make Room for Daddy,” which remind us that Jackie was once in the exact same position as Becky, pregnant by Fred and wishing to raise the baby alone. We look at how she deals with Roseanne and Dan’s meddling and compare the way both shows approached this storyline.

Plus, there are some good ol’ fashioned tangents on Donahue, Murphy Brown, “nice guys,” the short-lived television series Dinosaurs, and more.

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