S1 E19: “To Whom it Concerns”

714 Delaware St.

In the latest installment of 714 Delaware St., we deep-dive into the straight-up CLASSIC season 2 Roseanne episode “Brain-Dead Poets Society,” penned by a young Joss Whedon, in which Darlene Conner writes a poem that she must present at her school “Culture Night.” This episode marks a pivotal moment for the character of Darlene, revealing hidden depths and impacting her relationship with Roseanne. Additionally, we take a look at memorable poetry scenes in other television and film, namely My So-Called Life, The Simpsons, Seinfeld and 10 Things I Hate About You.

We also make time to share our thoughts on other subjects, from abortion plot lines on television to Candace Cameron Bure’s 1996 TV movie Freshman Fall (She Cried No) to Don Henley’s 1984 masterpiece “The Boys of Summer.” Join us!

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