S5 E4: The Meaning of Halloween

714 Delaware St.

Yes, we know it’s almost Christmas — but we need to take a moment to reflect on Halloween. In this episode, we discuss The Conners “A Little Weed and a Bad Seed” and “Book Bans and Guillotine Hands,” this season’s Halloween episode that is tinged with Roseanne nostalgia and a bit of melancholy. We discuss the show’s increasing references to Roseanne, with Darlene and Becky both struggling to set aside a need to please and channel their mother’s more confrontational nature, and Dan trying to keep Halloween traditions alive despite his family’s apathy. We also take another look at Roseanne season two Halloween episode “BOO!”, which shows the beginnings of the Conner family’s Halloween obsession, and the origins of Becky’s understanding of the holiday. Join us for these topics plus digressions on Celebrity Rehab (aka “feel-bad TV”), Wednesday, The Watcher, book banning, recent film recommendations, and the psychedelic 1970s educational characters the Letter People. Listen and subscribe on Apple podcasts!

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