S2 E8: Have Yourself a Moldy, Jobless Christmas

714 Delaware St.

On our latest episode, we recap 2019’s final installments of the Conners, “Lanford, Toilet of Sin” and “Smoking Penguins and Santa-on-Santa Action,” analyzing Jackie’s inner struggle over the fate of the Lunchbox, Darlene’s job and daughter woes, the triumphant return (sort of) of the sexily tousled Jay R. Ferguson as Ben, and the family’s strange new tradition of wearing Santa suits to the mall. We delight in appearances from Paul Reubens (aka Sandy Buttinsky aka Pee-Wee) and “zombie Bev”, shake our canes at that ungrateful whipper-snapper Harris, and share our thoughts on subjects ranging from Gumby to mice to dumpster-diving to what exactly they put inside an Orange Julius. Tune in – and happy holidays!

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