S4 E12: Come back to the Lunch Box, Jackie Dean

714 Delaware St.

In our latest episode, we dive into The Conners season 4 episode 16, “Gas Pump, House Dump, and a Stew Volcano.” While we must first mull over Darlene and Becky’s very strange decision not to move right into the beautiful Victorian funeral home Patton Oswalt has basically handed them (young Darlene would love to live in a funeral home!), we focus mostly on the episode’s story involving Jackie and her crisis over the Lunch Box. Feeling overwhelmed by the work of managing the restaurant and simultaneously concerned by the lack of customers, Jackie enlists Ben’s help in making a perfectly bonkers commercial. This prompted us to look back at a couple of Roseanne original series episodes, season 5’s “Pretty in Black” and “Looking for Loans in All the Wrong Places,” which chronicle the beginning’s of Roseanne, Jackie, Nancy (and ultimately Bev) opening the restaurant. We analyze the meaning of The Lunch Box in Jackie’s life and consider how it’s perhaps her greatest success — her own original idea, come to fruition not once but twice.

Join us for these Lunch Box memories plus our thoughts on gas station TVs, Cap’n Crunch, sentimental sitcom music, George W. Bush’s art, and how much we love Patton Oswalt. Listen and subscribe on Apple podcasts or Spotify!

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