S1 E12: Will Peter Be Sweeter?

714 Delaware St.

Hey! Thanks for your patience with us as we catch up on The Conners and, like, life and stuff. This episode of 714 Delaware St. covers episode seven, entitled “Hold the Salt,” as well as three original series episodes: Season 4 Episode 3, “Why Jackie Becomes a Trucker,” in which Jackie has a very regrettable one-night-stand, and Season 5 Episodes 13 and 14, “Crime and Punishment,” and “War and Peace,” in which Roseanne and Dan rescue Jackie from her physically abusive boyfriend Fisher. We ruminate over these past mistakes and heartbreaks, and go to the root of Dan’s protective suspicion of Jackie’s new beau, Peter, played by a mirthful and bookish Matthew Broderick. We talk more about coffee shops, hosting etiquette, and somehow, Lassie. Enjoy, and stay tuned for some serious holiday reminiscing next week as well!

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