S1 E23: Caught Playing with Our Instruments in Band!

714 Delaware St.

Poor DJ. He’s got it pretty rough, being perpetually eclipsed by the personalities of his two older sisters. Here and there, though, he gets a chance to really express himself. In this episode, we discuss DJ’s most creative outburst—when he got “caught playing with his instrument in band,” as Darlene put it. We think you know what we’re talking about. In the original series episode, “Homeward Bound,” DJ made an explosive discovery about his own body! Okay, okay, we’re talking about DJ’s discovery of self-pleasure. We talk about how few TV shows have grappled with masturbation, and why what might be. While Seinfeld may have acknowledged that we all like to spend quality time getting to know ourselves, and Roseanne assured us that all we really need is a lock on the door and some Montgomery Wards catalogs, neither seems to have greased the wheels for a renaissance of sitcom episodes about, you know…THAT. Later, in “The Parenting Trap,” puberty strikes again when DJ’s instrument plays itself in math class. Erections, masturbation, and periods are what this episode is ALL about! Thanks for coming; we came, too!

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