S2 E9: Why Won’t Wyatt Eat Mayonnaise?

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Thanks for meeting us back here in 2020, friends. We kick off the year by discussing the most recent Conners episode, “Throwing a Christian to a Bear”—kind of a “bear” of a title, if you ask us. It makes sense, though, since we are presented with a nearly Biblical parable about what happens when a midwestern Christian guy in Green Bay gear presumes the right to judge a group of Chicago Bears devotees. Where does this guy get off? He’s the worst. And he has a weird hatred of mayonnaise, considering he’s a WHITE CHRISTIAN GUY FROM THE MIDWEST. We do some “whatcha been watchin’?” catching up at the beginning, and naturally, we go in pop culture circles as we pick apart the episode. We wonder about this “Lanford Cannibal” Ben tells us about, after his and Darlene’s strange Sunday visit to the bank, and we wonder about what critique of the show the writers might be responding to when they write Dan’s speech about the need for some form of joy at the end of a soul-grinding workweek. Wyatt certainly deserves the riot act, since he gives Dan (DAN!) a “lift yourself up by your bootstraps” lecture about what a waste of time sports are (again, while wearing full Packers gear). We pair this episode, as always, with an original Roseanne episode, this time, “Becky, Beds, and Boys,” wherein we first meet the disrespectful little shit who would become Becky’s darling husband, Mark. It’s too fun! Join in!

2 thoughts on “S2 E9: Why Won’t Wyatt Eat Mayonnaise?”

  1. Glad the podcast is back after the Christmas break – especially with discussion of a Mark episode. I mostly watch Roseanne for the loveliness of Glenn Quinn so it was great to hear you guys talk about the character in more depth and show him some love. I agree with – I think Maura said it – that he is considerably softened for his next appearance and then with every subsequent appearance.
    I’m in Britain and the Conners doesn’t seem to be aired over here (or it isn’t advertised anywhere if it is) so I’ve not seen any of the reboot or new series, but it’s really interesting hearing you talk about it. Can’t wait for your next episode.

    1. Thank you for the comment, Charlotte, and thank you for listening! I didn’t notice it until now. 🙂 I agree about Mark’s loveliness. It’s too bad you’re not able to watch The Conners, though we usually do try to talk classic Roseanne whenever we can. I hope you’ll stick with us! – Maura

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