S3 E4: We’re in Mask Hell (and Other Complaints)

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Join us for a little Andy Rooney-style, “get off my lawn” crankiness as we catch up on the recent Conners episodes “Birthdays, Babies and Emotional Support Chickens” and “Friends in High Places and Horse Surgery.” First of all, we love the Conners, we really do — but we’ve got to talk about their appalling pandemic etiquette, from their chin-masking to their indoor-gathering to their ball-pit-renting. We also critique the often overstuffed, rushed nature of The Conners, parsing numerous fast-tracked plot elements, including a spontaneous baptism and Darlene’s sudden interest in middle management. What happened to the days when an entire Roseanne episode could revolve around a simple fart? Or a teenaged boss? Or a decision to become a trucker?

But look, it’s not all complaining — there’s some good vibes here, too, we promise! We’ve got praise for guest actress Alexandra Billings and adorable Emilio, plus lively tangential discussions of Hulu’s new Christmas rom-com (that is not very rom, actually) Happiest Season and Maura’s fond memories of seeing Ricky Martin on Broadway. Listen and subscribe on iTunes!

One thought on “S3 E4: We’re in Mask Hell (and Other Complaints)”

  1. It’s very true they cram everything, it’s honestly rushed. Like I was kinda of glad that Darlene wasn’t pregnant because that would be to many people in that house. I’m still not a big fan of Emilio, I don’t know I just can’t warm up to him as a character. As for the friends in high place episode, I don’t really enjoy that they basically turned Becky into the slacker employee trope while she works at Wellmans. I mean she worked fine at La Casita Bonita and the lunchbox. But they had to reduce her to the slacker trope with this new job. For the management it’s the thing I hated and I hate that Becky isn’t the one going down that path of wanting to be a manager then again they dropped the idea of Becky going to community to learn management from Roseanne season 10.

    Both Becky and Darlene felt really out of character in “friends in high places”.

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