S3 E11: Good Golly, Miss Molly

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Join us for our latest installment, in which we discuss two recent episodes of The Conners, “An Old Dog, New Tricks and a Ticket to Ride,” and “A Fast Car, a Sudden Loss and a Slow Decline.” These episodes serve up a major dose of nostalgia in the form of Molly Tilden (played by Danielle Harris, she of the coveted ’90s mall bangs and child-star ubiquity who grew up to become “the Natalie Portman of horror,” according to an unverified Wikipedia quote). We follow these episodes’ two main storylines — one involving Darlene and Molly, the other Becky’s struggle with alcohol — dipping into some classic season 5 Roseanne memories along the way. We lament narrative inconsistencies (where is CHARLOTTE), Molly’s quick exit, and Ben’s lack of compassion while reveling in the chemistry between Molly and Darlene as they forge an unlikely friendship fueled by a night at the biergarten. Throw back a few Warsteiners with us as we chat about all of these FEELINGS plus Superstore, our love of Kids in the Hall and what makes movies about incest so damned compelling. Listen & subscribe on Apple podcasts!

2 thoughts on “S3 E11: Good Golly, Miss Molly”

  1. I love your look backs on some of the great episodes from season 5 of Roseanne, and the mention of how much Becky and Mark loved each other. Because the episode after the conners episode with Molly’s death. I just felt sad what they did to Mark’s legacy/character, making him seem more controlling which is such a sharp contrast to the character he actually was since we know he always respected Becky’s decisions.

    Rewriting the history of the original again, because Becky and Mark lived with Dan and Roseanne during the whole college money thing.

    Plus erasing so much of the father son development between Dan and Mark, and the deep love that Becky and Mark had for each other. With these cherry picking revision that the conner writers have done.

    1. Yes, agreed! I suppose I could see how maybe over the years since Mark’s death Dan had started to think of him more negatively, seeing Becky struggling. But he was always portrayed as having a fondness for Mark and relating to him, so I find it hard to believe he would blame him entirely.

      Thank you for listening and your continued support of our podcast! We’ll be kicking off season 4 in August with a look back at some old Roseannes, so we hope you’ll join us then and share with your friends! – Maura

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