S4 E11: A Very Special Conners Catch-Up

714 Delaware St.

We’re back, baby! 714 Delaware St. was on a brief hiatus but now we’re catching up with trifecta of Conners episodes: “Sex, Lies, and House Hunting,” “Triggered,” and one with a long title that starts with “Miscommunication.” First, we delve into the lives and loves of Becky and Darlene, pleased to see Becky kicking the loser Professor Glen-Glen to the curb, and excited at the prospect of the Conner girls moving out of the family home (but you KNOW there will be drama). Meanwhile Ben keeps coming around like an obvious blob-vious, and it seems likely he and Darlene will reconcile. We’re also happy to see old favorite Chuck (James Pickens Jr.), who is unfortunately dealing with his wife’s illness, and we celebrate the Return of Louise.

But one of these episodes is not like the others, so we must spend some time mulling the Very Special Episode “Triggered,” which handles the issue of gun violence somewhat effectively, if not subtly. We debate whether the episode is an accurate reflection of the working-class family we know and love, and whether it feels jarring dropped between two serial stories.

Join us for this in-depth discussion plus our thoughts on Benedetta, Lindsay Lohan, Criminal Minds, Kid 90, active shooter drills, and the wilds of Waffle House. Listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts!

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