S2, Episode 7: Slap That Turkey!

Thanksgiving is upon us, with an OPEN HAND. In this episode, we cover the dramatic holiday episode of The Conners, “Slappy Holidays,” wherein voices are raised not in mirth and merriment, but in anger and probable tequila drunkenness. Jackie, Darlene, and Harris are all at their worst, while the rest of the family copes with the mayhem. In the episode, a delayed dinner and too much booze leads to a MAJOR blowout, culminating in a SLAP, that brings us back to the history of abuse in the Harris family. It’s painful, emotional, upsetting, and therefore utterly true to the holiday, and to the original series. We also revisit classic Roseanne Thanksgiving episodes and the history of delightful melee among the Conners and Harrises. Highlights include turtleneck philosophies, tales of Maura’s talent show exploits, and Conner memories in garage stories. Please enjoy!

Season 2! Episode 1! Becky is a Real Gas!

Welcome back to 714 Delaware St. We are launching Season 2 in time for the upcoming second season of The Connors, our most beloved TV family.

Our inaugural episode, however, returns to another throwback: one of the most explosive episodes of Roseanne, entitled “Inherit the Wind.” You may remember this classic episode as the one in which Becky…Cuts…The…(ahem…if you don’t already know, you probably better listen).

We do a lot of digressing for fun chats about Romy and Michelle, Blade, Q Anon, high school mascots, and more. But(t), it all keeps coming back to what may be the most iconic performances of Lecy Goranson and Sarah Gilbert’s time on Roseanne, and probably the most perfectly delivered line of all time.

Thank you for listening!

Episode 25: Just Me & My Ganja

714 Delaware St.

Join us for our last episode of the summer as we discuss a *Very Special Episode* of the highest order: Season 6 episode “A Stash from the Past,” in which Roseanne, Dan & Jackie find some old weed in a drawer…and hijinks, sadness, paranoia, and pudding-pop-eating ensue. Not only is this a start-to-finish hilarious episode about aging and responsibility (named one of the best-ever episodes of television by TV Guide, an infallible publication), but it gives us an excuse to discuss marijuana moms, our favorite Drug-Free America commercials, Katherine’s amazing teenage drug experiences, Greg Brady’s weed habit, and memorable drug-related episodes of Diff’rent Strokes, Freaks and Geeks, Strangers with Candy, and Beverly Hills, 90210. As Jackie so succinctly puts it: “There’s a reason they call it ‘dope.'”

Episode 21: Feel the Bernhard!

714 Delaware St.

On the latest 714 Delaware St., we’re talking about one of our favorite Roseanne supporting players: the one and only Sandra Bernhard! We gush over Ms. Bernhard’s unconventional career and incomparable mien, from her turn as the desperate-and-deluded Masha in Martin Scorsese’s The King of Comedy (1983) to her one-woman show Without You I’m Nothing (1990) to her regular appearances on Letterman. Katherine reports on seeing Sandra live twice (plus meeting her for a photo op), and we dig deep into her Roseanne character, the charmingly self-centered Nancy Bartlett. We discuss the season 4 “Vegas” episodes, in which she impulsively marries Arnie (Tom Arnold), as well as season 5’s “Ladies Choice,” in which they’re already broken up and she announces she’s dating Marla (Morgan Fairchild), whom she met at Rodbell’s makeup counter. Join us as we celebrate this hilarious—and to us, frankly inspirational—actress and comedian, without whom we can’t imagine Roseanne in its later seasons.

Episode 14: Health Care is All the Rage!

714 Delaware St.

Hey, it’s our first episode of 2019! In this episode, we talk about the most recent episode of The Conners (natch!), “Rage Against the Machine,” in which Dan is injured by a vending machine that falls on him covering DJ’s shift at work. We have some questions about how it all works: How is it that Dan can take a shift at a company he doesn’t work for? Why does Dan believe he can reason with management? Why does Darlene of all people hire a personal injury lawyer from an ad at the gas pump? How come Peter Gallagher is so great? We also discuss the slut-shaming of Becky by the bosses at La Casita Bonita, who force her to take a sexual harassment training to stop her from flirting all the time. WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT?! Jackie at work as a life coach is a true delight, but we wonder why we haven’t met her rival yet. Maura guesses it will be Valerie Bertinelli; that would be something ELSE!

Finally, we note the strong similarities between this episode and the Season 2 episode of the original series, “Fender Bender,” in which Roseanne suffers pretty severe whiplash after being rear-ended by her former factory boss and hair salon client, the insufferably thoughtless Meg Wellman. Universal health care, we ultimately determine, is one answer to the conundrum these episodes present.

Episode 11: Being Becky

714 Delaware St.

This special double episode is all about our now-favorite Conner: Becky!

Maura and Katherine take a closer look at the last two episodes of The Conners, “Miracles” and “One Flew over the Conners’ Nest,” as well as classic Becky episode “One for the Road” from season two of the original series. We discuss Becky’s surprise pregnancy, her alcohol issues, and her relationships with her family as she navigates some complex emotions. We’re also psyched about Becky’s friendship with a lesbian power couple, Darlene’s sexy new love interest (Mad Men‘s Jay R. Ferguson), and we demand to know WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO JACKIE’S CHILD?

Finally, it wouldn’t be 714 Delaware St. without tangents, and we explore plenty—Creed, Gérard Depardieu, Transparent, Justine Bateman, youthful jobs in the service industry, a cocktail called the “puke sandwich,” and that one ER episode in which Ewan McGregor robs a convenience store.

As always, thank you for joining us in Lanford!

Episode 8: Tangled Up in…David!

In this edition of our podcast, we talk about the second EVER episode of The Conners, in which we meet David’s new girlfriend Blue, played by Juliette Lewis. Harris lost her virginity and the scenario is weirdsville! Mostly, we get a little caught up in our nostalgia for the early days of Darlene and David, and we’re skeptical but open-minded about the new romantic ventures that seem to be in store for the two of them. We remember Glenn Quinn (Mark) and wonder what the future holds for all of the Conner family.

Episode 5: The Conners are Coming!!

We were going to wait until after The Conners premier, but we couldn’t help ourselves! In this short episode, we talk about the rumors and speculations about the new series, sans Roseanne. We talk at length about Roseanne’s infamous racist tweet and her various tenuous apologies. We also discuss the cast’s family dynamic, and our own deep emotions about the Conner family. Lastly, we really hope John Goodman doesn’t fall down any more stairs!

Episode 4: “Lover’s Lane”

On episode 4 of 714 Delaware St., Maura and Katherine discuss the season 1 episode “Lover’s Lane,” in which everybody bowls, Jackie and Booker flirt hard, and Becky crushes on a guy from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (unfortunately, it’s not Rick Moranis). Featuring the usual Roseanne insight plus delightful tangents about bowling in sitcoms, patriarchal bullshit, and the complete and utter awfulness of Pepe Le Pew.