Episode 5: The Conners are Coming!!

We were going to wait until after The Conners premier, but we couldn’t help ourselves! In this short episode, we talk about the rumors and speculations about the new series, sans Roseanne. We talk at length about Roseanne’s infamous racist tweet and her various tenuous apologies. We also discuss the cast’s family dynamic, and our own deep emotions about the Conner family. Lastly, we really hope John Goodman doesn’t fall down any more stairs!

Episode 4: “Lover’s Lane”

On episode 4 of 714 Delaware St., Maura and Katherine discuss the season 1 episode “Lover’s Lane,” in which everybody bowls, Jackie and Booker flirt hard, and Becky crushes on a guy from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (unfortunately, it’s not Rick Moranis). Featuring the usual Roseanne insight plus delightful tangents about bowling in sitcoms, patriarchal bullshit, and the complete and utter awfulness of Pepe Le Pew.

Episode 3: “We’re in the Money”

On episode three of 714 Delaware Street, Maura and Katherine discuss “We’re in the Money,” the second episode of the original series of Roseanne, in which the Conners face decisions about money management as a working-class family. The REAL DJ is here, there are guinea pigs in the garage, and Becky’s modeling mom jeans. Join us!

Episode 2: The Pilot


In the second episode of 714 Delaware St., Maura and Katherine discuss the 1988 pilot episode of Roseanne, entitled “Life and Stuff.” The chemistry between Dan and Roseanne, the wonder of Jackie and Crystal, the stability of Becky and Darlene’s characters, and life at Wellman Plastics are all on the table. Strange iterations of class tensions between Darlene’s teacher and Roseanne come up, and WAIT! That’s not DJ!!

714 Delaware St.: Episode One

cropped-zuzack-illustration-e1537131557594In the first episode of 714 Delaware St., TV studies scholars Maura McAndrew and Katherine Kidd discuss their mutual love for the original series of Roseanne, its role in TV history, and its stars and writers. We also begin our ongoing discussion of Roseanne Barr’s history as a stand-up, sitcom star, as well as her present-day condition as a troubled public figure with shockingly bad politics and social beliefs.